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General Questions

No. The broker and consumer facing sites are only available in English.

No, the quick quote and plan comparisons are only available in English.

Yes. For more information please contact Samantha Rooney at samantha.rooney@nccagent.com.  You can also attend a webinar to learn more about the platform.  To attend click here.

Agent Permissions (Carriers, Carrier Plans, & State Licensing)

No. You must have a carrier’s contract through National Contracting Center in order to view the carrier’s plan on Enrollment Central.

If you are unable to view state-specific plans, please contact Samantha Rooney at Samantha.rooney@nccagent.com.

Enrollment Central Access

To request access to the Enrollment Central platform you  must attend a training and sign the plan year’s attestation.

No. You must have internet access to use the Enrollment Central platform.

No. Enrollment Central is only available on the internet.

The information you save on the platform – such as address, contact information, and drug lists – will be saved in the beneficiary’s profile for 10 years. Enrollment Central also will save the beneficiary’s application and enrollment history for one calendar year. 

A broker or agent will need to request personal information from a beneficiary in order to enter Enrollment Central. The main responsibility of the broker/agent is to protect any and all personal information of the beneficiary. The minimum necessary should only be requested as far as the amount and type of information. There may be various situations that arise that will call for the Agency Principal to access an agent’s beneficiary’s PHI. The following are examples of situations that will allow the Agency Principal to access the Agent’s files:

  • Agent’s employment is terminated, or they decide to leave the agency
  • Agent is on vacation
  • Agent does not have access to the internet and/or Enrollment Central

The information you enter into Enrollment Central will only be accessed by you, the agent, the Enrollment Central Project Manager, the Compliance Manager, and upper management at NCC.  The client information you enter into the system will not be shared with other agents except your agency principal (if applicable).  NCC will never solicit your book of business entered into Enrollment Central.  

Creating a New Profile

The beneficiary’s first name, last name, and zip code.

No. You must complete one profile for each beneficiary.

No. You must choose one zip code to choose a plan. If the beneficiary has more than one address, choose the zip code the consumer lives at for most of the year.  If needed, a separate mailing addressed can be entered into the system as well.  

No. This year’s platform does not have that capability. The beneficiary’s Medicare ID number will be on their Medicare Card. 

Medicare Card

Yes. You can enter up to 249 characters in the following fields: Medicare ID, Parts A & B Effective Dates, Current Coverage & Premium, Extra Help Eligibility, and Medicaid Eligibility.  This information will not prepopulate into enrollment applications.  

No. This platform does not have the capability to access that information.  Ask the beneficiary to call the Social Security office at 800-772-1213 (TTY 800-325-0778).  If the beneficiary has not yet applied for extra help and may qualify, you can help them apply online at SSA.gov

Scope of Appointment

After an enrollment has been submitted, please send the completed Scope of Appointment with a confirmation number to the carrier via fax. 

Yes. You can use the same email to send a Scope of Appointment for two different beneficiaries.  Always remember to ask the beneficiary to complete one Scope of Appointment per person, and send the Scope of Appointments to the carrier upon completion of enrollment.

No. You MUST send a scope of appointment to the carrier upon completion of enrollment.

Yes. You may store a copy of the paper scope in Enrollment Central’s platform by uploading the signed SOA to the beneficiary’s profile under SOA. Please fax the signed Scope of Appointment with a confirmation number to the carrier.

Although highly recommended, you are not required to upload a signed SOA to the Enrollment Central platform to complete an enrollment. Please fax the signed SOA to the carrier after the enrollment is complete. Don’t forget the confirmation number.  

No. You are not required to send the SOA via email or text from this platform. Use a paper SOA if the beneficiary does not have access to email or text. 

No, you cannot save a telephonic SOA in Enrollment Central.  

Health Information

We take the security and confidentiality of personal data very seriously. We use up-to-date data storage and security techniques to protect personal information from unauthorized access, improper use or disclosure, unauthorized modification, unlawful destruction, or accidental loss. All processors of personal data and any third parties we engage to process personal information are obligated to respect the confidentiality of the information. We keep personal data for only as long as reasonably necessary for the purposes for which it was collected or to comply with any applicable legal reporting or document retention requirements.

We protect personal data during transit using encryption protocols such as Transport Layer Security (TLS). We use computer systems with limited access protocols, housed in facilities using physical, electronic, and procedural security measures to protect the confidentiality and security of information transmitted to us. We keep strict security standards to prevent any unauthorized access.

If your zip code is incorrect in the health information section, go back to the beneficiary’s profile and change the zip code.

The age selected in health information is auto-populated via the profile page.  If the age range is incorrect, select the age range that best corresponds with the beneficiary’s closest birthday. This information does not reflect the plan premium. It is used to calculate a more accurate estimate of costs with each available plan. 

Good Health– The beneficiary sees a healthcare provider for only preventative needs or an occasional problem.

Fair Health– The beneficiary sees healthcare providers for one chronic or multiple health issues. 

Poor Health– The beneficiary sees healthcare providers for more than one chronic condition or may need an occasional major procedure. 

*This information does not impact the premium of the plan.  Health status is only used to calculate a more accurate estimate of costs for each plan. 

No, health guidelines do not impact the plan premium. It is used to calculate a more accurate estimate of costs with each available plan. 

Medicare Extra Help

Ask the beneficiary to call the Social Security office at 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778). If the beneficiary has not yet applied for extra help and may qualify, you can help them apply online at SSA.gov. 

No, the extra help level(s) the beneficiary qualifies for do not impact the type of plans that populate on the platform. The level of extra help the beneficiary qualifies for impacts the estimated cost for prescription drugs. Every plan, including extra help plans will populate on the quoting platform. It is your job to identify which plan the beneficiary may or may not qualify for.

Adding Drugs

Although highly recommended, the beneficiary does not need to provide a list of prescription drugs to receive a quote. For an estimate of how much drugs will cost with each plan, please provide the prescription drug list or connect to MyMedicare.gov via Blue Button.  

Most drugs allow you to choose a generic equivalent or change the dosage, the quantity, or the frequency of the prescription drug.

Yes, the list of prescription drugs will be saved in the beneficiary’s profile. 


Yes, you can choose up to three pharmacies in Enrollment Central.  

Search for pharmacies using the address, 5-digit ZIP code, or name of the pharmacy.  You can also view pharmacies using the map tool.  The search is based on proximity to the zip code you entered earlier. 

To perform a new search, you can adjust the map or enter a new location or pharmacy name in the search box.

Enrollment Central highly recommends choosing a pharmacy prior to running a quote for the beneficiary. To access the most accurate drug pricing on the quoting platform, please choose a pharmacy.

Quote and Compare

Yes, you can select the “Plans” option available on the home page. “Plans” allows the agent to bypass a consultation and quote the beneficiary.  Click here for quoting and enrollment information and training.

The beneficiary can receive as many quotes as the agent wishes to send. The agent has the option to send a comparison of up to three plans at a time.

Yes, a beneficiary can enroll themselves in a plan using your Consumer-Facing Site.  You can also complete the application yourself (as the agent) and send the beneficiary the completed application to sign via text or email.  For more information and training about this feature click here

For details on how to access your Consumer Facing Site, click here.

Yes, you will receive credit for a sale made from a self-enrolling beneficiary on your Consumer Facing Site after a plan comparison or a quick quote is sent.

Yes. You can share the link to your personal, consumer facing site on social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc.  For more information about your personal URL click here.  

No. You may only use plan compare to compare three similar types of plans. The plans compared must be either MA, MAPD, or MEDIGAP plans. MA and MAPD plans cannot be compared. Likewise, MA and MEDIGAP plans cannot be compared and MA and MEDIGAP plans can not be compared.

Beneficiary Enrollment

Yes. DSNP and CSNP plans function differently than traditional plans on the broker and consumer-facing site. For more information about the capabilities of each carrier’s DSNP and CSNP plans on the broker and consumer facing sites, please click here.

No. You must use the broker-facing site to enroll a beneficiary. For many plans, the beneficiary can enroll themselves on your consumer facing site after a quote is sent.  You can also complete the enrollment application for the beneficiary and send the enrollment to the beneficiary using text or email.  

It depends on the carrier’s preference. Some may populate, while others may not.

Yes, you may cancel an enrollment if you contact Samantha Rooney at samantha.rooney@nccagent.com by 4:30pm EST Monday thru Friday.  If the enrollment takes place on a weekend, please leave Samantha Rooney a voicemail by 4:30pm EST on her business line at 865-218-8372.

Yes. The enrollment application is saved on the site in PDF for the plan year it was placed. For example, Plan Year 2021 PDF is available on the Plan Year 2021 site but will not be available on the Plan Year 2022 site. NCC suggests you save the PDF of a client’s application for your own records. 

The beneficiary’s profile and enrollment information can be accessed on your broker-facing platform under “Search Profiles.” Choose to search for the beneficiary’s profile and enrollment information using the beneficiary’s first name, last name, phone, date of birth, confirmation number, HICN/MBI, Application Start Date, or Application End Date.

Enrollment Central does not currently have the capabilities to export beneficiary information from the platform.

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