AEP Tip: Make an Extra $250 in 15 Minutes

Cross-Selling During AEP

AEP starts tomorrow, but we don’t need to tell you that. If you’re like most Medicare agents, you’re already packing your schedule as tightly as possible to make the most of the next couple of months. It’s understandable, but make sure you aren’t moving so fast you miss an opportunity.

How to Make $250 in 15 Minutes

As you know, no coverage is perfect. Ancillary plans help clients fill in the gaps left by their MA policies and avoid financial liability. Hospital Indemnity Policies fill the most significant gap and also provide valuable protection for your clients.

When you’ve finished discussing Medicare options with beneficiaries, take a moment to explain that even with the right Medicare Advantage plan, they could still end up paying around $1800 for a hospital stay. Then introduce them to a Hospital Indemnity plan. This approach links the two products together in the client’s mind, and offering a Hospital Indemnity policy reassures them that their coverage will truly protect them from financial hardship.

Hospital Indemnity policies also tend to have among the most accessible enrollment processes. We’ve compared the features of four popular Hospital Indemnity products to help with the decision-making process.

Take the time this AEP and talk to your clients about ancillary products. When else do you have the chance to make $250 in 15 minutes?

The NCC team is standing by to help you with client retention, AEP, and any other questions you may have. Call 800-695-0280 to speak with an NCC Marketing Specialist today.

The NCC team is ready to help make this your best AEP yet. If you have questions about ancillary products or anything else related to Medicare sales, call 800-695-0280 to speak to a Marketing Specialist.

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