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Working BRCs this AEP

Working BRCs this AEP

AEP is almost here. By now, you’ve purchased your leads and business reply cards for plan year 2021. While you wait for those BRC leads to come in, have you developed a plan for how you’ll work them?

Preparation and Record-Keeping

Before you start calling back your BRC responses, have a plan in place for tracking what you discuss with each prospect. Determine what tools and materials you’ll need and have them on hand so that you can answer questions as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

Contacting Medicare Leads

A note about door-knocking: Communities are handling the COVID-19 pandemic differently. You’ll need to assess whether door-knocking should be part of your AEP plans this year. If you choose to visit leads at home, wear a mask and be prepared to socially distance. You should also disinfect any items you bring along with you and let prospects know that you have done so.

Whether you plan to call or visit the leads who respond to your BRC’s, you’ll want to make contact as soon as possible. With the recent growth in call centers, this AEP is likely to be even more competitive than usual. Read Convert More Business Reply Cards with Two Easy Steps for more information on the importance of getting in touch with prospects quickly.

In the past, it’s been best to contact leads on Wednesday or Thursday between 4 and 8 pm. With many people self-quarantining and working from home, you may have luck reaching prospects during the day this AEP.

Starting the Conversation

Here are a couple of scripts to get you started. Tailor them to your personality and sales approach.

Option 1 – Discussing products on the phone:

“Hi [prospect name], so glad I caught you! I know that you are busy, but I’m calling to follow up on your request for Medicare information. Do you have a few minutes now? I have an opening at 10:00 am tomorrow and another Thursday at 2:00 pm if one of those times would be better.”

Option 2 – Requesting a visit:

“Hello, My name is [agent name]. I’m calling because I received your request for Medicare information. Would you be comfortable with me bringing that information by? My schedule is filling up quickly but I still have time available tomorrow at 10:00 am or Thursday at 2:00 pm. I’m happy to wear a mask and disinfect my laptop beforehand.”

The NCC team is ready to help you make this your most productive AEP yet. If you have any questions about working BRCs – or anything else related to Medicare sales – contact an NCC Marketing Specialist at ‍800-695-0280.

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