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Why You Shouldn’t Contract Direct-to-Carrier

We frequently work with agents who formerly contracted directly with the carrier. They quickly realize how much support they can get from a good FMO. Agents who take direct-to-carrier contracts usually do so for one of three reasons. 

1. They think they will make more money

A good FMO doesn’t handle your money; agents should have direct pay contracts whenever possible. Working with a quality FMO gives you the chance to make more money. By contracting with NCC, you get access to our Marketing Assistance Program. Click here to see how you can increase your income with NCC.

2. They think they will lose their broker manager relationship

When you work with an FMO, you have the same access to your local broker managers as you would if you were direct-to-carrier. But now you also have a whole team of people that can give you even more personal attention. From personalized lead generation to new business submission to compliance check-ups, NCC’s entire staff is at our agents’ disposal and typically more available than a broker manager.

3. They don’t want to be stuck with a bad FMO

A lot of agents have been burned by a bad FMO at some point in their career. NCC has an open release policy because we never want agents to feel like they are trapped. If you ever have an issue with our service, all we ask is that you give us a chance to fix it to your satisfaction. If we can’t, we will release you with no hard feelings.

Don’t limit yourself by contracting direct-to-carrier. Take advantage of everything that is available to you by working with NCC. Check out 7 Reasons NCC Should Be Your FMO to see what we have to offer.

Jerold Johnson, President
National Contracting Center

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