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4 Myths About Selling Medicare PDPs

We talk to agents every single day that sell Medicare Supplements but don’t sell PDPs. Typically, it’s for one of a few common reasons. Here is what we tell these agents when they give us one of these reasons.

1. “I don’t want to contract and certify.”

Contracts can be submitted in a matter of minutes through our online contracting platform. SilverScript and UnitedHealthcare don’t require AHIP to sell PDP.

2. “I don’t want to take time to complete the enrollment.”

Depending on a beneficiary’s drug list, a PDP enrollment can easily be completed in 30 minutes or less. We can show you the best ways to compliantly complete enrollments that don’t waste your time or your clients’.

3. “I don’t want any compliance risk.”

This is a common misconception among agents. You ABSOLUTELY face a compliance risk whether your name is on an application or not. If you offer any advice or assist a beneficiary in any way, you could be held accountable for a compliance issue.

4. “I’m not sure it’s worth the money.”

The commission for a beneficiary who is “New to Medicare” is $74 in 2019. Selling one PDP a week could give you an extra $4,000 in 1st year commission and $2,000 per year in renewals. Having a 2nd product with your Med Supp client will help your persistency and can help boost referrals. (Ask us about the agent who made nearly $19,000 this January from PDPs alone.)

Choose from These Popular Medicare PDPs

Do yourself and your clients a service. Check out our PDP carriers and call us to get started selling PDPs today.

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Why More Agents Are Choosing SilverScript PDP

CMS just released its Feb. 2019 PDP enrollment report. SilverScript is once again America’s most popular Medicare PDP. The question is, as an agent, should you sell SilverScript?

Why Choose SilverScript?

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