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The 20 Best Apps You Need To Tell Your Senior Clients About

NCC was fortunate to attend a conference hosted by a local area Office On Aging geared towards empowering seniors in the community. However, these conference and workshops are applicable to the entire senior community across the country. The conference held workshops on holiday eating tips for certain ailments, technology and Medicare Q&A workshops. One of the most popular workshops was the “20 Fabulous Apps For Seniors.” Seniors filled the entire room illustrating they want to stay connected and adapt to technology. Without further ado here are the 20 Fabulous Apps:

1. Mint –a personal financial app with an easy interface to use that allows you to plan ways to save money, keep track of spending, and create budgets. Free.

  2. Lumosity-this app isn’t just fun and games…except it is. However, these brain puzzles were designed by neuroscientists to target all the sections of the brain to help cognitive development. Free.

  3. WedMD-App allows for symptom tracking, healthy living tips and prescription drug planning. Free.

  4. Remember the Milk-Running errands, but always forget something on the list? Remember the Milk lets you plug-in your tasks for the day, and share your tasks with others so you can schedule your day better. No more forgetting certain grocery items or a last minute project. Free.

  5. Pillboxie-Offers a simple, visually based system to schedule your daily medications and dosage. $.99.

  6. Find My iPhone/iPad-This utility apps allows the user to track via GPS where their device is. App also allows owner to lock device from Apple account so personal information won’t be stolen. Free.

7. Words With Friends-This word game is a great way to sharpen the mind and stay connected with friends and family. Free.

8. Facebook-The most popular social media site amongst seniors that allows them to stay in touch with friends and family. Free.

  9. Blood Pressure Monitor-An impressive app that becomes a blood pressure monitor, and tracks body position and correlation for blood pressure measurement. Free.

10. EyeReader-App that turns into a magnifying glass to read the newspaper, paperwork, mail, etc. $1.99.


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  11. Dragon Dictation-Voiced based app that allows you to dictate to the app and it translates it to text. Free.

  12. The Weather Channel-Quickly get a hourly, daily, and weekly forecast before heading out the door. Free.

  13. Silver Surf-Allows for easy readability by enlarging text and icons on the iPad. Created in mind for seniors, the apps features were created to be easy that those suffering dexterity issues can use it with ease. Free.

  14. Park’n’Forget-Avoid getting lost in the parking garage or spend time trying to remember where they parked. App tracks your movements and notifies you when approaching your vehicle. $.99

15. Dashlane-The app stores, encrypts all passwords, credit card numbers, serial numbers, etc. Free.

16. Pinterest-The visual pinboard to get crafts, food, fashion, health inspiration. One of the most popular social platforms that allows users to connect with people across the globe with similar interests. Free.

  17. Skype-Video chat with friends and family across the world! Skype also offers instant messaging service that can send and receive photos. A great app to keep in contact with family even if you can’t be there. Free.

18. Check: Mobile-This financial app can be set up for bill paying, banking, and overall monitoring of spending in household. App also warns user of when bank account or fund set up is getting low. Free.


  19. CNN-The CNN news app is easy to navigate and the perfect way to catch up on national news and hear about breaking news first. Free.

  20. Penultimate-Use your finger to take quick notes, create sketches with the naturalness of having used a pen. Saves your work so you can pick back up at a later time. Free.

To download a PDF of these apps to give your clients click below


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